Jose Miguel Blanco

Jose Miguel Blanco

I was born in Seville, Spain,I was interested in Arts from an early age. After attending the School of Arts in Seville I established an art studio along with my brother Juan Antonio.
At my studio I embarked on my artistic career producing oil paintings as well as small mosaics. My subjects were mostly rooted in the scenes from my upbringing – lush country sides, regal religious figures, and bright Moorish architecture.
Murillo, Velazquez, Sorolla, Garcia Aranda and Sargent are among my favorite artists. I copied the works of these masters as part of my artistic training.

In 2002, I moved to Austin, Texas, and set up my studio.
The subjects of my oil paintings are mostly portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, nature, religious themes, still life, etc.
I also paint “en plein air” using small canvases that later I extrapolate on a larger one at my studio.

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