The Art of Blaise Gauba

The Art of Blaise Gauba

Blaise Gauba is a multi-talented creative type who has worked for the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering as a show ride production designer, of which, if you have ever visited any of the many Disney Theme parks around the world, you have probably ridden on a ride that he helped to create in some capacity. Mr. Gauba has also worked for Paramount Studios, Sony Studios, Culver Studios, L.A. Center Studios, Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Brothers Studios and many more.

Mr. Gauba has also sculpted Disney Porcelain Collectibles for Walt Disney Art Classics and was one of their top six sculptors for almost ten years until he felt the need to move on to doing other types of art. "I really, really appreciate the fact that I was lucky enough to be able to work for the various divisions of the Disney Company for as long as I did." stated Mr. Gauba. "I learned so much from my experiences working there and I will always cherish the time I did have working with some of the most talented and amazing people that can gather in one place. I highly recommend working for Disney if you ever get the chance."

Mr. Gauba and his family live part-time in Southern California where he has had a very wide career path, working as mentioned above, from Disney and other theme park design companies to working on Hollywood movies creating everything from huge sculptures for feature films, to creating hundreds of various custom built and fabricated props for feature films, television shows, T.V. commercials, and the time he and his family spend in Sedona, Arizona as well as his home town of Aspen, Colorado where some of his other family members still live.

Mr. Gauba has worked as a special effects makeup artist who turned actors into zombies for DreamWorks Interactive's CD-ROM game for PC for R.L Stine's Escape From Horrorland game which sold out the first one hundred thousand units. Mr. Gauba also performed the voices of the Egyptian Mummy and the Book Worm in the computer game.

Mr. Gauba really enjoys working on all sorts of creative projects and has also acted in a television mini-series called "Crossings" where he was a dying sailor on a hospital ship. You can also hear Mr. Gauba's voice-over work at Disneyland's Toon Town where you can hear his voice like a police dispatcher on the police phone near the Toon Town jail. You can also hear Mr. Gauba's voice as the Parrot in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in various Disney Theme parks both in Anaheim, California as well as at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

If you have any special requests for custom art in almost any form, as Mr. Gauba is very diverse and has experience creating all sorts of amazing art and working in as many mediums, from clay, metal, wood, plastic, polyform, hard-coated EPS and other foams, canvas paintings, watercolors, pen and ink, pencil, bronze, wax, and paper mache. Mr. Gauba would be very happy to work with you on any special projects that you have in mind. Please seek out Mr. Gauba through his Facebook artist's page for making contact, and please mention that you saw his art on so he knows who you are and that you are familiar with his amazing portfolio of work. He looks forward to working with you on your next project...and he thanks you for your patronage here on

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