Brian J. Wagner

Brian J. Wagner

I am a native of Indiana and Missouri, but now live in Springfield, Virginia. I have traveled and lived in several places in the US and other countries.
I loved drawing, painting, working in clay, and creating things in other materials from the time I was a child in elementary school in Missouri. Much of my art knowledge is self-taught, but I have also had formal instruction and experience. I studied art history at St. Joseph College in Indiana. Through work I submitted, I was accepted for study at the Art Institute of Chicago. Unfortunately, I was unable to pursue the dual-degree that they required since I had to provide for my family. So I followed a single-degree line in another of my favorite interests, English literature, and later taught it at several universities, pursuing my art as a hobby. While in the Air Force (1965 and 1966) I studied watercolor in San Antonio, Texas. During my years of teaching English at the University of New Orleans, I studied life drawing and figure painting at the New Orleans Art Institute (1979 – 80).
In New Orleans my art was exhibited at the Casell Art Gallery and also juried by professors of art at Tulane University into the 19th Membership Art Exhibit at Slidell Artist’s League. I had a one-man show in the First Annual Artist’s Trade Fair sponsored by the Mayor’s Commission on the Arts, Slidell, Louisiana.
When we moved to Springfield, Virginia I became a member of the Art League of Alexandria and also studied life drawing at the Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia. My works are now primarily exhibited at several on-line sites ( ( . A current picture is also a part of the Four Points Contemporary Museum in Texas.
While I work in several mediums and select various subjects, I particularly focus on trying to capture the intriguing worlds in the expressions of the human face and form, the complexity and uniqueness of the human being – thoughts, moods, and the incredible inner structure and functioning of the body. I love to capture this, perhaps in a single line or a touch of light or shadow. To hold that moment of revelation that I have had and share it with others is the primary reason that I have continued to create art my whole life. I hope that you find in my art that moment of revelation and enjoy it as I did while capturing it.
My drawings are primarily on Canson or Strathmore 60-65 pound, acid-free paper, each fixed lightly so as not to diminish the brightness of the colors. My paintings are usually in acrylic or oil on canvas or on 140 pound watercolor paper. Each work is signed on the front with (BJW or BJWagner) and dated. Generally, when you order works, they are unframed, shipped flat with Styrofoam protection.
I greatly appreciate your interest in my work.