Bruce J. Nelson Art

Bruce J. Nelson Art

Bruce J. Nelson passed away in 2015 at the age of 93. During his lifetime he specialized in color pencil as well as pen and ink, creating beautiful artworks using reference photos he took around the Pacific Northwest and in various locations throughout the western United States.
Bruce was a long-time member and Signature Artist with the Color Pencil Society of America, having his artwork accepted into several CPSA's international shows.
Bruce's has art published in numerous books about the art of color pencil, including many volumes edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf.
Bruce has other art published in various books edited by Sandra McFall Angelo and others edited by Vera Curnow
Bruce was honored to be accepted into the top 200 artists in Arts for the Parks 1996 and 1999 and into the top 100 in 2000.
Well known color pencil artist Gary Greene once said to Bruce, "If anyone asks me whose art I admire most, your name comes to mind."


Native American

In the Garden

Roundups & Rodeos


Small Town Western USA


Boats & Ships

Vintage: 1976-1979