bizART endeavors

bizART endeavors

Welcome to my shop! ^-^

I'm Melissa, a 22 years old literature student from Germany and traditional / digital amateur illustrator with a love for dark fantasy and surrealism, crossing the boundaries of what's supposed to belong together ~

I care deeply about social justice, environmental and animal rights issues and view being whimsical and grounded in reality (or art and politics, as some might argue) not as mutually exclusive nor contradictory concepts, which is why I tend to touch upon such ideas frequently throughout my bizarre artistic endeavors. Magic is everywhere around us, and there's always beauty and terror simultaneously to be found, depending entirely on the perspective we chose or are forced into. In a mixture of stylized escapism and reflective commentary, pagan horror and cutesy "bubble goth", I seek to enchant and confront alike.

For updates on my work and journey, follow me on Instagram @bizart_endeavors :)

Having people actually love my art means the world to me!

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