Original Painting (acrylics)


Hi! I love painting as a hobby and have been painting for fun and as a therapeutic tool for many years. I am an LCSW and work with children and teens in the school setting and I have found that using creative outlets really assists in reducing anxiety. I love all of the arts- music, dance, theatre,
and visual arts.
I have published several children’s books that deal with a variety of skills and strategies to help little ones learn and cope and use these on my work with kids. I have volunteered in schools to read and have donated proceeds to non profit organizations that work with kids and families.
I grew up in Michigan and have traveled extensively throughout the USA and believe travel is the best form of education. I hold a BA from Northwood University and an MSW from the University of Cincinnati.
I currently live in Naples, FL and enjoy the beach, sunshine, travel, sports, reading and of course- painting!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my collection.