I have been writing, sketching,painting and doing experiments in many formats of art, like,writing,composing and singing songs, writing stories, articles and expressing some Scientific and Mathematical problems in form of paintings.
In this pursuit I have written 2 novels in my mother tongue Punjabi and at least two story books in Hindi and I have written Biography of a Saint Baba Prakash Puri, " Quantum of Light beyond Time and Space" and I am working on 2nd book " Quantum of Compassion".
My last two books have changed my life course completely. When I got assignment for writing Biography my outlook towards life was completely different but when I read Hindi version of this book written by other author and coined and compiled various incidences to write them in English I am completely transformed person. When I was writing this book, many times I experienced as that Saint, who has left this world in 1999 and I never met him or saw him, was narrating his life himself. When I tried to share my this experience with other people they never believed me but now same people agree with me that I was right some where.
While writing about this Saint in 2nd book I saw many spiritual miracles. Before this I have had been meditating right from my childhood just imitating my mother's endeavors but never succeeded but after coming into connection of this Saint I got real success in meditations,
I have traveled almost whole of Indian sub-continent and I have been inclined instinctively to see and observe ancient abodes of Santan dharma. After visiting these places, like, char dhams( situated in East,West, North and South of India) and 8 Jyotilingams( abodes of Lord SadaShiva) out of 12, and 8 Shakti peeths( Abodes of Jagatjanani and better half of Lord Shiva) out of 12, I have researched the motive behind these places and I have written abundantly about these places in my diaries. My diaries have been my best and fast friends, they have never allowed me to feel lonely.
My songs,poems, stories and thoughts written on my diaries have been my lasting companions in between I have been in affairs with many ladies and befriended many a men but like co-passengers they went to their ways but my diaries never deserted me.
Ganga Ghat, Ujjain. Here I spent many hours of 12 years of my life from 1990 to 2002. When I have to say goodbye to Ujjain ( very ancient city of Central India) suddenly one day I came to know that Ganga ghat was place where Lord Shri Krishna took primary education from his teacher Maharishi Sandipaani. In my forth coming publishing of diaries I'll share what I saw here.
I spent lot of time in Varanasi( Banaras,U P) also along with Kolkatta, Lucknow, Agra, Omkareshwara , Maheshwara, Mumbai, Kovlam ( Kerla), Chennai( Madras),Pondichery, Baroda, Ooti, Hyderabad , Surat, Bangalore, Mysore, Amritsar,etc. I have written about life being lived in all these cities.