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Webster original art


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Imagine a head hunter being paid a visit by a gallery owner. He is shown two paintings: Michael Angelo's Creation Of Adam, the other:
an amateurish colorful jungle scene of a local tribesman returning from a successful hunt...chances are the head hunter would like the crudely painted jungle scene more than Michael Angelo's painting.
The jungle painting was a stop he had made, the Sistine Chapel was not.

We all may be traveling on the same ship but we don't get off at the same stops. It is our experiences, our stops that shape how we see things.

As an artist, I paint for those of us whom have made similar stops. Our stops were not always on the main line and often we had to lunge for the emergency cord as fate changed our plans. Our stops were not always pretty , warm or fuzzy. But, somehow we endured , carried on and found our way. Because of our experiences, our view of the world tends to be introspective , at times bordering on esotericism Aware of this, I will always appeal to your need to know and understand . Included with each of my paintings is a description of the painting; not only what the painting is of but what the painting is about, and how it came to be.

The vast majority of my art is offered to you in original form, not a print. And while prints do have their place, there is simply no substitute for a one of a kind, signed , original painting. Tragically, all too often , what is advertised as an original painting , in fact turns out to be an electronically painted image one click away from thousands of copies. Software programs have become so sophisticated, only the most discerning eye can tell a computer generated image from an authentic watercolor painting. In order to insure your peace of mind, each of my original paintings include a certificate of originality certifying the paintings authenticity and that no prints have been made of the painting. This certification is signed by me and is attached to the rear of your original painting. A copy of this certification can be e mailed to you prior to your purchase .

Your painting will be shipped matted on acid free foam board and framed with a single beveled off white acid free mat, ready for professional framing behind glass. Almost without exception , art is best displayed without competing colors surrounding it. However, should you wish to choose a color for your mat, e mail me and I will attempt to honor your request. There may be an additional charge depending on the cost and availability of your choice.

My art is a passion not a profession. I strive to price my paintings with the knowledge that for most people, the investment could be used and is often needed elsewhere. Should you ever wish to contact me regarding any painting , please don't hesitate to e mail me. If you are not pleased with your painting, return it in its original condition within 14 days for a full refund paying only the return shipping.
Thank you for making this one of your stops. As your artist I will do my best.

. William J. Webster


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