Billy Wayne Art

Billy Wayne Art

A little about me. 70 years old, retired and working on creating original art pieces. My trade is/was a musician by performing as a "One Man Band". I played guitar, piano, electronic drum machine, bass petals (played with my feet), harmonica (strapped around my neck) and sang upwards of 1000 songs. Fortunately, with agents and on my own, I was able to do this successfully for over 40 years. Never made the "Big Time", but that's life. Art seemed to go along with music . I began painting acrylic, charcoal, pen and ink and oil pieces in my 30's. Did the usual stuff, trees, butterflies, mountains, etc. but wanted to do portraits. My first attempt was by painting my oldest daughter's portrait. I figured with her familiarity and my desire to create a good likeness, I would learn the skills needed for this type of art. That was over 30 years ago and I'm still learning. Through the years I've done a lot of different pieces such as portraits, murals, animals, scenery, etc. My other interests and professions include, Computer Science (remote repair, websites, etc) and Photography (weddings, still life, etc). For additional art and music examples, visit my website

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