bil Chamberlin

bil Chamberlin

Birth, MICA & Disney
Bil Chamberlin was born in Princeton, NJ. He works predominantly in the medium of painting acrylics, oils, mixed media and digital. He studied General Fine Arts at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. During his senior year, Bil interned at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Teaching, Museum Show
After graduating in 1991, Bil taught drawing at Princeton Community center and created theatre sets for Princeton University. Continuing to work independently on his art, Bil was then chosen by Bernarda Bryson Shaun to be in the Trenton State Museum Show, “Artists Pick Artists” in 1993.

Sketchbooks, Murals, Digital Explosion
Moving to Providence to create hand crafted sketchbooks for retail outlets allowed Bil to continue traveling the country searching for his voice. Bil spent the next couple years painting murals and selling paintings to independent collectors while developing a talent for the coming digital explosion.

Design, Curiosity, The Universe
While design has been the primary focus of Bil’s life until the present day, he has never held back his desire for exploration. Everyday filled by a pure curiosity, filling hundreds of sketchbook pages and canvases with observations of the universe around him.

Distance Portraits


Digital Works