Here you will find many interesting finds: unique etching techniques and monotypes, mezzo-tinto, linocut. Copies of famous masters of fine art, such as Rembrandt, Modigliani and others.

Cute and colorful watercolors with animals, as well as prints for decorating your home. Abstract and classic watercolors. And much more. We work in complex techniques.

But first let me tell you about the main artists of our store.

The founder and main artist is Viktor Karpenko. And the second artist is Leonid Karpenko, Viktor's son. Each work of the authors is recognizable and executed in its own way. Each listing is signed at the end of the product description.

Victor Karpenko was the head of the advertising Department in Togliatty city (Russia) and worked as a graphic designer at printing house. Since the time of the Institute, he bought a printing etching machine that weighs about 200 kg and began to learn various techniques of engravings. After retirement, there was time to implement long-standing projects in the form of etchings, monotypes, and other printing techniques. Each story in his works is unique and carries the meaning that everyone interprets as he sees it. Victor works in various techniques: oil, watercolor, pencil, pastel, etc. Victor's works are very deep and philosophical.

Leonid Karpenko is a young, ambitious artist. By profession, he is an industrial designer. Leonid's works are imbued with mystery, hidden meaning. In his paintings, there are many bright colors and details. Leonid has released a whole series of watercolors with animals! We will introduce you to his work! This is a bright artist with character!

And finally, the one who writes texts for products, makes the design of the store and communicates with customers - Elena Karpenko! Elena is the daughter of Viktor Karpenko. Elena also deals with the packaging and shipping of your parcels, keeps a warehouse and controls the process as a whole. Who knows, maybe one day Elena will also present her works for sale.. :)


Sincerely Yours, BIGARTO.