Bhavin Chaudhuri (Indian artist)
Born in Valsad, Gujarat (1991) and grown-up in the tribal area on the west side of India.
A place which is something natural, real, just unpolluted atmosphere. One can say - untouched beauty itself. No matter what you have studied and what do you know about the specific subject. If you got lucky enough to be there, you will realise experience nature in its original form, wearing no mask, not even touched by so called infrastructure and development.

Living in such an environment, it's obvious that your point of view or vision must be different. The colors and forms in his work are as innocent and beautiful as they can be. When it's about innocence, everything becomes beautiful.

As he has grown-up in the lap of nature, he has a passion for studying the universal laws, and the way they work. He is always trying to get something from everyday life, with the habit of observing situations deeply, any happening can become his subject to draw.

Along with his interest, he completed applied arts. Moving on to the next step, got a degree in visualisation fromFaculty of Fine Art,Maharaja Saiyajirao University of Baroda. Since then, he regularly sketches his thoughts, and paints his view in his own style.

Though the 21st century is not his subject, one can find something live in his work.

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