Bigan Fanli

Bigan Fanli

The Art of Bigan Fanli Adds More Joy to Your Life...

'Everything in Mother Nature is a moment of wonders, nothing stays the same; everything is in transit."

"Bigan Fanli wants to capture the wonderful moments of Nature, freeze those beautiful seconds of life with his paintings forever for all to enjoy."

"He adopts and celebrates life with the natural things around him."

"Every wonderful moment in this beautiful planet home, although may not always be perfect, is worthy of remembering, worthy of enjoying forever; because life is short and yet life itself is also infinitive!"

"Everything in Mother Nature he sees is wonderful. A naturally dying flower, a rotting leave, an angry tiger, a thinking person, sunsets and sunrises, are all wonders of Nature; imperfections, yes, but life itself is always with imperfections and yet all but wonderful!"

"To have a wonderful life is of nobody's choice, but of your very own!"

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Nature Art-Beyond Series by B. Fanli

Nature Art Series by Bigan Fanli