Beyond Divisions

Beyond Divisions

I am a Trauma Therapist (Somatic Experiencing), certified Zen Coach, bodywork therapist, certified Art Therapy Life Coach, personal development trainer and a certified Vedic Art teacher (this is a method for discovering our potential and life purpose using meditation with canvas technique).

In my work, I combine various types of methods like bodywork, body awareness, somatic experiencing, Zen coaching, focusing, non-violent communication (NVC), coactive coaching, Lowen's method, Diamond Approach inquiry (AH Almaas), constellation and meditations. I combine the wisdom of Eastern philosophy with the latest discoveries and scientific methods. I follow my intuition very much and I choose tools to help release the blocked energy in the body, heal trauma and let consciousness enter the body.

Being present in the body in the here and now and allowing energy to flow freely, we regain freedom, creative power and the joy of life! I deeply believe that every person has the potential to create the life they want. In each of us, there are resources that allow us to experience joy and happiness. By remaining vulnerable and opening ourselves to the flow of emotions in the body, we can heal our past and enter the path of a truly fulfilled, juicy life.

I offer individual and group sessions, Mindfulness meditations and therapeutic/self-development workshops.