Be Victorious Creative Media

Be Victorious Creative Media creates fun, funky, enchanting, esoteric, eclectic vibrant and captivating digital art. It started originally for fun when I was experimenting with Adobe Creative Suites creating a Valentines card for my fiance. Before I knew it, in the space of a few weeks I had created literally hundreds of designs and art work. Loving the bright and contrasting colours plus the esoteric nature of some of them I created a social media page to display my art and designs.
Gaining positive feedback I decided to start selling the designs.

Founded in February 2017 it was originally called Purple Phoenix Digital Design.

My other creative company, VCS Visual Media was founded in 2012.
In 2013 I graduated with a Photography Diploma. Predominantly specialising in street and lifestyle photography, a good mix of land and city scapes and, of course, my beloved paw pals.

I was never really happy with the name Purple Phoenix. Although it kind of represented me (I like the colour purple and phoenix being a bird who worships the sun and rises from the ashes) but it didn't sit right with me, especially after I googled it and there was a Purple Phoenix....well everything really.

In December 2017 my friend Bev, whom I met on day one of my course, was tragically killed, and I knew I wanted to pay tribute to her in some way.  I thought it would be a great memory to incorporate her name somehow into my creative name as a tribute to her, and I also wanted my name in there in some way too.

So in March 2018 Purple Phoenix Digital Design and VCS Visual Media were amalgamated and Be Victorious Creative Media was established. I donate a percentage of my earnings to charities and social enterprise schemes. These are local and national and are in honour of people close to me who are no longer with us.

Art and creating is therapy for me and with art the possibilities are endless.
Please show your support with me and make a purchase! Thank you one and all.