Vivian Froese

Vivian Froese

My name is Vivian. I was born in 1951 in Northern Alberta. The 7th child of a family of 11. My parents were homesteaders in Northern Alberta. I went to the rural school in our community and spent my first 20 years there, enjoying all the family, community, school, and church functions. We had a lot of fun. We were 6 girls and we had 5 older brothers who teased, loved and trained us.

I was preparing to go to nursing school in Calgary, but the love of my life stole my heart away and I married and went with him to Manitoba where we raised our family of seven on mixed farm crops, chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle. We worked extremely hard, loved our little ones, and gave them the best home we could. We moved to British Columbia to the beautiful Creston Valley. Here we owned and operated a restaurant for a few years. That was a heavy project for us and our youngest two daughters. I love making people happy with food. My husband owned and operated a truck. We built ourselves a lovely home there and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, lakes and rivers, warm sunshine, orchards, and breathtaking scenery. After the children all left home my husband and I moved back to Northern Alberta to the community where I was raised. We are married for 50 Years. We love our family very much. We had lots of fun raising all these kids, teaching them to love work and play, making friends and doing a good job. Not everything went smoothly, and without a ripple but somehow by (God's Grace) we have muddled through!

We spent 10 months in the hills of West Virginia during the Covid pandemic, on a pilot project to help needy young men. It was a volunteer project and extremely rewarding. We spent three years in New York city where we also were volunteers. We worked in the Bowery Mission, NYC Mission, NYC Common Pantry, Men's and Women's shelters. I enjoyed the city and all it's wonders but my roots as a farm girl have always been in the country.

In 2014, I donated a kidney to my older brother. That experience bonded us closely. The donation surgery set me back almost 2 years fighting pain. My husband took me on a cruise to Alaska for my convalescence. Two years later my brother died of Cancer.

I was inspired to start painting in my late 50's. My daughter's mother-in-law started painting around that age and I was inspired by her. I thought "could I still learn?" I had a beautiful friend in Idaho who also painted and back here in Alberta, my sister's neighbor agreed to give a few of us gals painting lessons. I loved it and she always encouraged me with helpful kind words. I always try learning new techniques, observing nature everywhere, watching tutorials etc.

I love people, visiting, painting, drawing, children, gardening, flowers, nature, walking, swimming, cleaning, baking, cooking and the list goes on. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, by trees, land and rock formations, flowers, animals. Since I started painting about 12 years ago, I have become more sensitive and more keenly aware of sunrise, sunsets, cloud formations, all colors, light and darkness, shadows, storms, rain and snow. I watch old people, adults, children and babies.

I have lived on farms in rural Manitoba, Alberta, in the mountains of British Columbia, and on St. Nicholas Avenue, New York City. In NYC, I went to the ocean as often as I could, walking in the sand and sitting, watching the sparkle of sun on water and waves washing onto shore, observing ships and sailboats gliding by. I passed the time crossing rivers, bridges, riding the subway or buses and the metro north train, gazing at the fascinating beauty of life all around me.



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