Berto Ortega

Berto Ortega

All the art on this site are from the Estate of Albert (Berto) Ortega 1958 - 2013,

Berto stated..."My goal is to create works of art of intimate everyday scenes that touch the common thread that runs through each of us."

He believed the best art communicates on a universal level transcending time, culture, and language. For instance, "I can't speak French or Italian, but when I view a painting by Monet I can understand his intent was to communicate ambient light and atmosphere on his subject. t's not just haystacks in a field. And when I see Michelangelo's David, I can see his intent was to communicate mankind at its best - beauty, strength, youth and courage, to name just a few. It's then that I realize the statue is not just marble."

Some of the original art displayed on this site may still be available for purchase!