Bernard Pineau

Two passions live in me: the spirituality and the paint(painting). The spirituality brought me in India, with several stays in ashrams but also journeys in Hymalaya to meet exceptional wise men there and feel their modest and sacred places of life.

For the paint(painting) it was necessary for me to wait to have time and one places to make it.
Born catholic Christian in 1951 to Royan, I studied, worked, meditated these two passions during about fifty years.
The daily meditation took a dominating place(square) in my life. I believe in the world of the spirits and in another dimension(size). Before painting I make systematically a meditation which puts me in a trance. State in which the outside world does not exist any more for a few hours.

Our consciousnesses speak to us in a symbolic and full of imagery way, in our dreams as in meditation. I transcribe these messages in paintings(boards).
The oil and not the acrylic? It is a question of elements, the fire(light) and not the water.
My masters(teachers) in paint(painting)? The big of course, Vincent, Pablo, Henri and Maurice. Maurice de Vlaminck for whom I have a real affection and the paintings(boards) of landscapes of which under the snow transport me in the depths of our campaigns(countrysides).
My tastes for my contemporaries are very eclectic: Hernan Bas, Maurice Estève, Georges Item, Joseph Crépin, Polock, Bacon, Roerich.
My projects? Exhibitions(exposures) in Paris, Venice and in my region.