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Beranda Artist Studio Langkawi

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Over the last few years Beranda Residensi Langkawi & WIBA PRIMA Foundation has developed Langkawi into artist’s residency program as art and culture concerned. The programs have become an important component of Langkawi’s cultural landscape and have made a remarkable contribution to the national and international art practices. Situated at the heart of Langkawi Island, this program has been developing an inter-regional and international relationship which embraces an active intercultural dialogue and gives opportunity to be artistically active and make contact with the local to participate and interact. This leads to numerous public events such as exhibitions, projects presentations, performance, installation, architecture, and music.

The long term and general goal of Langkawi Artist in Residency is artistic exchange at an international level from all over the world and leading to a permanently self-renewing of the Malaysian artistic culture scene. The artists were selected, invited to langkawi and hoping during their residence, given help and support especially concerning the realization of their artistic projects and pictures the myth of Langkawi’s landscape according to various disciplines of artistic approaches. These exercises will create cooperation and valuable partnerships in order to look further as ‘new space of possibilities’ regarding new values and different points of view into being through art practices and participation.

Mh.Azizi Amat Tokimin
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