Bennu Corbishley

Bennu Corbishley

Bennu Corbishley Barrera, Colombian-Spanish Designer, Digital Artist, Art Curator and Professional Photographer (Bogotá, 1973). He began his studies in Architecture in Bogotá, (Pontifical Xaverian University), later he complemented them with studies in Graphic Design, in a British study plan from the University of Wales in Málaga, and Photography as well in Spain in Apertura Academy. He recently has completed successfully a master's degree in Museum Management at Eade University in Picasso's Málaga city; also has studied an approach to Urbanism with Harvard University, Curatorial studies with Sotheby's Institute of Art of NY and various Art courses also with the Museum of Modern Art, Moma of NY and the University of Málaga. His work lies between the urban identity and everyday juxtapositions of rapid communications as a visual language. His aesthetic searches are the product of his twenty-year experience in Europe and his homeland, Colombia. He has shown his works in The Netherlands, England, Spain and Colombia.


Málaga Cathedral

Port of Málaga

Royal Textile

The Museum


Málaga city

The Alhambra


Tropical Fruits


Say Cheese!

Big Ben

Monster city