ben leUang's Gallery

ben leUang's Gallery

Greetings and thank you for visiting my online gallery. I am originally from Colchester, Vermont and have been drawing since i could hold a pencil...or crayon for starters. My work is full of variety you might real set style like most artists fall into...i like to stay versatile and i'd like to think it's more about the spark than the plug so to speak. As a youth I trained with a German woman named Flora Zimmerman and took private art lessons in her home, we covered anatomy, figures, lights & shadow. She was very insightful and tough! I had to draw over 200 eyes in detail and they all had to be different than the others! A hard start it seemed, she made me dislike how hard art truly was to nail & do correctly, not just goofy sketches of ninja turtles, transformers & Garfield i already had in my child portfolio. I doodled and didn't pick it back up until senior year of high school where i attended an illustration class at Burlington Vocational Center...this put me back in the driver's seat of art again and I went on to Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida where I received my BFA in Illustration. I have been doing art & illustration projects since. Feel free to peruse my work here and share with your friends. Please contact me for any projects...
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NOTE: Prints of certain items are available as well as printed Art Pal coffee mugs...if something is not for sale it is either due to the rights of the artwork, or the artwork itself have been sold, or a good enough reproduction is currently unavailable.