BENANDLU Art - Evgenia Alexeeva

BENANDLU Art - Evgenia Alexeeva

Many jewelry makers are said to be good jewelers, but in the case of master Evgenia Alekseeva, one can only speak of an artist in the broadest sense of the word. It rushes from the first impression of the works that she makes with her own hands, because each work has its own originality, individuality and complexity. Starting from the fact that a lot of techniques - from miniature embroidery in filigree silk to painting in a flame with silver and gold. Each work of the master contains a story and long reflections on the philosophy of being.
The master takes inspiration for her work from outside everything that surrounds the master, and first of all, nature and wildlife, which are as fragile as her works, which can be lost, destroyed and not returned back. Some works refer to the ancient works of monumental architecture and are transferred to the artworks of the jewelry art. Others have their origins in literary or cinematic works, highlighting key elements of the works. It would seem that there is something special and unusual here, but the beauty is hidden in the details. Looking closely at the characters of jewelry, a true connoisseur of art will discover the mood and facial features, as well as the connection between the figures and objects within the work. In order to fully appreciate and understand the work, you need to go through the quest encrypted in the works. How now then to perceive the artworks of the master Evgenia Alekseeva? The question is for you, who will pick up her work and be able to decipher their messages.

review from the magazine "Contemporary Jewelry Art"

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