Ben Eyitemi

Ben Eyitemi

Ben Eyitemi is an artist with immense professional experience. A university trained artist, who has always believed the only way he can uncover images of his inner mind is by putting brushes with colours on canvas to tell a story.

He relates his paintings to the emotions and feelings of his African settings in the contemporary world. He tries to carve a niche for himself in terms of art styles and forms. As some of his paintings stand on the pedestal of his own free will which I think has enjoyed public patronage .

Little wonder, Some years back, a group of tourists in an attempt to patronise his works, one of them stayed glued staring at his painting. After a while, he tilted his head from left to right to make sure he was seeing it the right way, smiling as if wishing the Painter luck.

As a painter, cartoonist and illustrator, he worked with the Sunday Concord Newspaper group in Lagos Nigeria in the 90s before its closure as a result of the crisis of the 1996 controversial election believed to have been won by chief Moshood Abiola during the military regime of General Ibrahim Babaginda in Nigeria.

As a talented artist he also worked with the Silverbird Communication group in Lagos Nigeria for a period of 6 years as film Editor before moving into full studio practice.

Ben was also among selected artists that executed some art projects at the popular Okada wonder land in Benin City, Nigeria in the early 90s. Ben has been engaged in both solo and group exhibitions.

Ben currently lives in Lagos Nigeria as a practicing painter. He is also preparing to stage an art exhibition in one of the high brow areas of Lagos. He loves to meet people all over the world talking about paintings, exhibiting paintings and buying paintings.