Cecilia Ana Bell

Cecilia Ana Bell


To me, painting is a major sensory and intellectual adventure​.
Flowing out of an intuitive place, deep within my being, my painting is trying to awake the mind, soul and senses to face and fight the indifference to the loss of elements of the natural and built world, of forms of life and nature, by creating a dreamlike world of contemplation. ​

I am trying to bring back imagination, memories, thoughts and meanings, to convey and transpose a look through a window from another place: sometimes thoughts and sights well hidden or ignored, sometimes atmospheres where the mind wonders and discovers the impossible, the unseen, the random, the loved and the hated, the natural and unnatural, the depth beyond simple, the less obvious, the ethereal, the bold and enigmatic, from imaginary structures to the microscopic worlds. ​

AUG - SEP 2020

February - July 2020