Rebecca Scarlett Schreiber Art

Rebecca Scarlett Schreiber Art

Born in 1985 in Vienna, Austria, I currently live and work in Bonn, Germany. Art has always been an important part of my life, but it took some time to realise, that it is also my profession.

My colour pallette reflects how I see the world: colourful, diverse, light and dark and sometimes contrarily.

Art is a journey I am going through, a journey full of suprises and unpredictable events. After years of working with acrylic paints I started experimenting with liquid acrylics and alcohol inks. Those mediums became my main mediums to work with. The free interaction of the paints is a vital point in my painting process. I aim for the integration of planned, static structures with the dynamic, unpredictable, autopoietic forms created by the liquid colours themselves, whereby the latter constitutes the major part.

Beside using wonderful Yupo Paper, I paint on canvas of different sizes.