BEBingham Art

BEBingham Art

As the son of an influential local town artist and educator, I have had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of mediums and techniques my entire life. I have developed a sense of appreciation for all forms of art, but have found my passion to be in sculpture, photo-realism sketches, photography, and prop design. I find inspiration all around me, but my muse primarily lives in film and nature. I have a propensity to lean toward the macabre as well as imagery of "old" Hollywood. I am fascinated with monster classics and the mystery as well as the beauty that the genre possesses. I hope you find enjoyment and perhaps a little wonder in my work.

Brandon E. Bingham
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Angel Bingham Paintings

The Three Stooges


Horror Sketches

Hollywood Sketches

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Photography - Savannah

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Classic Universal Movie Monsters

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