"aphiemi" (Forgive)


"Aphiemi" is the original Greek word for "Forgive"!

In 2013 I lost that which I loved so deeply the same of which few ever find.

For me, forgiving others is not difficult.

However, forgiving myself for loosing that which comes only once in a lifetime has been difficult.

That which has helped and continues to help me endure this tragic and deeply personal loss in my life is this simple saying that came to me after loosing what I loved so deeply and that is simply this;

When we forgive others and ourselves we live,
When we don't, we die unto ourselves!

I chose life for myself and it is my prayer that you do also!

I only wish I could get back that which I lost and be given a second chance as I'm not the same person I was 3 1/2-years ago.

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