I am a painter from Texas. I study art in Utah and Arizona.

I believe color tharpy can help an individual mentally and emotionally.

It is my solution to the thinking times we live in.

My thesis called “The Great Western Decline” or everything is awful and everybody knows it. Talks about the many obstacles in the modern day life style.

“The Great Western Decline” is a visual representation of American society's decay. In modern society a since of hopelessness dominates our minds. “Why do we feel this way?”
To answer my question I turned to philosophy and history. Marx, Maslow, and Spangler paint a specific picture of society.
Workers are now used like slaves to corporations. Instead of searching for creative voice, questing for spiritual
enlightenment, persuading knowledge, and the desire to give to
society the average American
takes pills to supplement these
things. This is a direct result
of our culture decline
economically and socially. In
other studies of history I
found that our country bares
striking similarities fallen
empires of the past.
Everything has a beginning
and an end I just desire to
make the transition pleasant. My contribution to society is my
art. The exploration of color theory, especially in the perception
and interruption of personal emotions towards the civil discord,
drives my artistic production. I found that color has positive and
negative effects on the psyche. The main functions of art is to
inspire or enlighten the human mind; in addition, it conveys and
displays historical events or moments. On the other hand, bring
to light to the struggles of a majority of individuals that are at
the bottom of the social ladder. This is what I will show in my