batik tattoo

batik tattoo

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this is a story of "Batik Tattoo"

Once upon a time there is a guy in Java, His name is Valentino Legowo Panji, this guy have a hobby painting and drawing tribal tattoo design since he was High School.

His parents have a business in Garage repair but Valentino is not really interesting in the family business even He knows to repair a damaged car but His passion always about Tribal Tattoo Arts.

Then after Valentino graduated from High school, His parents have idea to make new generation in business family so They give direction to Valentino to take study in Management. As good boy and good children Valentino accepted that ideas,

But, who knows, the plan of His family it doesn't work at all, Valentino still with his passion, have a long hair, Untidy Student but He mix that passion with Management knowledge and his culture... "Voilà",,,Batik Tattoo was born, His arts winning an entrepreneur creative competition and He make some money from His arts.

but He want to explore the world culture, so that He pending that passion business, after He graduated, Valentino join with the Cruise Line company to explore the world for 3 years.

after more than 3 years working with Cruise line, Valentino have so many friends from around the world, so many culture knowledge he learned. and this time as we know, he gonna waking his passion again with His power and knowledge to shake the world with BATIK TATTOO arts. Fin

anyway I just want to tell You about company profile with different way because If I tell You like others company, sounds boring right?

and Have a Nice Day, We happy to Serve You.