Barrie Stark Art

Barrie Stark Art

I always loved art as a child, mostly drawing. I would watch my Mom paint in oils, but she didn't have very much time to devote to it. She used to take my sister and I to the Natl. Museum of Art in Washington, DC frequently when we were growing up. I remember how excited and fascinated I was by all of that art!!

I was always most comfortable when surrounded by art and/or artists. Working in offices was the sensible thing to do to make a living, but it always made me feel oppressed and stressed, and I never quite felt as though I fit in. Way back when, in my early 20's, when I was laid off from an office job, I answered an ad for a framer in a 'Do-It-Yourself' custom picture framing retail store, I had absolutely no clue how to frame art, but my artistic self began to wake up and emerge! I loved working with the artists to frame their art. I loved working with the tools and materials needed to frame art. I couldn't believe I was being paid to 'play' with art and crafts! I stayed in the framing world for 15 years, but unfortunately, it did not make me a good living, and eventually, reluctantly, I had to go back into the office environment which always completely stifled my artistic self.

Many years later, when my husband encouraged me to quit my unfulfilling office job, and to take a painting class at my local crafts store, I said 'why not??' Well, it was like a huge light came on in my heart! I had never tried to paint until that class, only drawing with pencil, so I had no idea I could even paint! After that, I took 6 private lessons from that art teacher from the craft store, and have been painting and learning on my own ever since. I learn something new with each painting, and I've branched out into watercolor and soft pastel painting as well.

I started my painting journey about 2 years before my Mom passed away, and she was so happy to see my progress. After she passed, I found a few of her paintings that she had never finished, so I finished them for her. I can feel her presence with me when I paint, and I know she is proud.

My Sketchbook Series

Watercolor Paintings

Soft Pastel paintings

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