James Christie Landscapes

James Christie Landscapes


About the Artist

James Christie
Landscape Painter

The purpose of my art is to capture the beauty of nature. Through the dramatic use of color, light and subject matter, it is my hope that these paintings will "take you away" to a special place in your mind.

The wet on wet technique is a method where the artist first applies a thin base coat of medium on his canvas. This basecoat allows the artist to blend colors directly on the canvas rather than wait for layers to dry between coats. Generally, thicker background paints are applied first and then thinner highlight colors are applied on top.

This technique is not new. Most people are familiar with television artists such as Bill Alexander, Robert Warren and Bob Ross, but the wet on wet method was used long before by famous artists Rembrandt, Jan Van Eyck, Claude Monet and many others. The Italians called it ”alla prima", which means "first attempt".

I enjoy the wet on wet technique because it allows me to finish a painting in a matter of hours. Using traditional methods and allowing each layer of paint to dry before applying the next, a painting might take weeks to complete.