Ayşe Balköse

Ayşe Balköse


I am Aysegul Balkose (Ayse Balko) and I am a playful seeker and learner.

You need to know something quintessential about me. I have failed many times in big. Each failure carved a better me out of me.

I wanted happiness and all the goods, so I invested in the arts and the artist in me.

I was 29 and captivated to know the truth about the divine essences which are not accessible to senses. How do we transform and be transformed? So I spend a life to learn about the simple magic of transformation.

The catalysts for painting came when I was a director of a unit in a major textile factory in Turkey. With a BS on chemical engineering and plus MBA on top, at the age of 24, I found myself leading a team of 40 men in a major textile company in Istanbul. To gain their respect, I learned everything they did. I learned to work with my hands, to use brsuh and air brush, to use dyes directly on the textile to persue tones, texture and effects in my mind.
I was able to unite an idea with an emotion and I knew I was onto something big. It was ART.
In 2008, I moved to Sheffield, to start as an artist.

My focus was not on marketing myself but to understand what art is, who an artist is and what are they for. For this I needed to learn the craft, craft my style, to know myself and the social structure and the way human mind and emotions work.

I took on reading and Art became a way to analyze the transformation of happenings.

In 2018, I was accepted for an artist residency, all expenses paid, and I found myself in the Peruvian Amazon for 2 months. Hereafter the residency, I tried medicinal plants with local shamans. When I was back to Sheffield, I started painting with a different intention; to exhibit, to talk about my journey.

Since September 2018, I have been exhibiting nationally and internationally. Lately, I was selected with my 2 photographs and 2 paintings to exhibit at the Royal Arts Prize in London.
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Royal Arts Prize: Pall Mall Gallery London, February 2019
Dorothy Pax: Sheffield: December 2018-January 2019
Zverev Contemporary Art Gallery, Moscow: November 2018
DOK Artist Space Gallery: Edinburg: November 2018
Affordable Art Fair: November-December 2018
The Tramshed Gallery Space: Sheffield: October 2018
The Engine Gallery Space: Sheffield: October 2018
Kreate: Sheffield : October 2018

On The Road; Serene

Low-Key Soothing Abstract