Ayşe Balköse

Ayşe Balköse


Ayse likes to talk about herself in 3rd person. Ayse is Turkish-British self taught artist. Her work explores the boundaries of identity and ways to create new identity in demand. The cross over of conflicting between challenge in perception facinates her.

She has been granted artist residencies and arts council fundings during her work with empowering personal journays through acceptance of the journey by Refugee and immigrant artists. She work as a host and producer at The Apricot People podcast as well as her personal projects as a photographer and painter.

Her blog: www.aysebalkoblogspot.com

Currently she is travelling in Peru.
She has compelted 3 ayahuasca ceremonies at three diferent locations with different shamans. She holds a chemical engineering BS degree and MBA as a masters degree.

Peruvian Amazon