Ivo Cruz

Ivo Cruz


About the Artist:

Exploring the links between colours and emotions has been the anchor of Ivo Cruz. He focuses on abstract nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of life through a combination of color and symbolism. He uses a mixture of pen, acrylic paint, oil pastel, colored pencils and at times recycled materials.

Ivo Cruz is a licensed Civil Engineer graduated from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines. He is based in Paranaque City and currently works at the Department of Science and Technology which is a National Government. At work, he is responsible for designing, supervising and maintaining construction projects; involved in managing repairs and maintenance of infrastructure and analyzes each stage of a project that will entail consideration for cost construction, possible hazards to the environment, government regulations and other necessary factors.

Because music and art has been his passion, he continuously creates work of arts and joined some exhibits and performances with fellow artist. For some, Art is a career choice, but for Ivo Cruz, it is a life choice. The emotion felt by an artist may be encoded through color and harmony to be decoded, experienced and shared to everyone.

Colored Faces

Within Series