It all began a few years back… A mystic journey to the Amazon rain forests of Peru changed our lives and made us fall in love. We stayed with a small Shipibo-Conibo community and we discovered amazing people with rich and deeply rooted culture & art, fascinating history and… The medicine of truth – The Ayahuasca.
This spiritual journey affected us so strongly that we simply left with an urge to shout out to the world –THIS IS IT!

Gladly, after a few years… We had the opportunity to make this project come alive - A close collaboration with the most amazing Ayahuasca related and inspired artists!

Our goal is to spread the message, to share the culture & to provide the Shipibo artists an online platform to showcase their art & designs while directly supporting the local community and preserving the creation of such unique, sacred & spiritual artworks.

Please notice that when you purchase, you directly support the Shipibo artisan community, you help to preserve the culture & spread awareness.

Please, join us

Shipibo Art