Costin Brateanu

Costin Brateanu

Costin Brăteanu was born in 1978 in Petroşani, Romania. He lives and works in Timişoara, Romania.
He graduated Painting from Faculty of Arts and Design in Timişoara, Romania (2001).
He had solo exhibitions: Epilogue at Axa Art Gallery, Timişoara (2007), Kafka Café, Timişoara (2011), Sinergy & Anna Daria Merska at Casa Artelor - Direcţia Judeţeană pentru Cultură Timişoara, Lucrări Recente at Gallery Logart, Timişoara (2014).
He participated in a variety of art residencies and art camps in Romania and abroad: Mraconia, Dubova, Bata, Dorobanţi, Gernik, Oraviţa, Gărâna, Băile Herculane, Jimbolia, Brebu Nou, Recaş ,Ardud , Pasul Tihuta (Romania), Csongrad 2011 and 2012, Pecs 2010, Orfu 2011 (Hungary), Niklasdorf 2007 (Austria), Tenerife 2009 (Spain), Thasos 2012 (Greece), Sahl Hasheesh 2014, Luxor 2015 (Egypt), Kartal, Istambul 2014 (Turkey), Gostivar 2014, St. Joakim Osogovski 2015 (Macedonia), Harilaq 2014, Leposavic 2015,Rugova Montains – Peja 2016 (Kosovo), Luxembourg 2014 (Luxembourg), Saranda 2014, Pogradec 2015 (Albania), Bellerive sur Allier /Chateau du Bost 2015,2016 (France), Marrakech 2015 (Morocco), Zwierzyniec 2015,2016 (Poland), Parcova 2015 (Republic of Moldova),Aydin 2016 (Turkey),Kusadasi 2016 (Turkey),Guwahati 2016 (India), Al Ain 2016 (UAE),Minia 2016 (Egypt),Orta San Giulio 2016 (Italy),Vitre 2016 (France),Sicevo 2016 (Serbia).

Member of :
The Romanian Artists' Union (UAP) - Romania
Visual Artists Asssociation of Central Greece ( VAACG) - Greece
International Association & Foundation IAF ANIMA MUNDI - Lithuania
Olympia Fine Arts Association (OFFA) - Finland

Curator of:
Gernik Art Camp (12 editions) / Stefan Jäger Art Symposium (4 editions) / Transylvania Art Camp (first edition), as well as the curator of International Art Symposium Tigami Lala/Marrakech (2015).

Costin Brǎteanu is joining together naturalism, decorative painting, geometry and the abstract. His operating range is best defined through the “post” prefix. In fact, it is about a process of a meta-postmodernist origin. Besides, for Brǎteanu is more fitting the visual artist term than that of a painter, meaning that his system of applied aesthetic thought entails the deconstruction and reconfiguration of images. The mysteries of chromatics and perspective are mastered by the artist, in whose work prevails, let’s say, the matrix side of reality, before the objective-realistic one. Preoccupied by the transferring techniques of the visual system from unconventional palettes, may it be knives, antimacassars or various other surfaces, on the support of the final works, Costin Brǎteanu proves, without having set himself to do this, a particular sense of rhythm. The game of frequency depths of the colors that he relates together bring up the harmonic potential of some works having a personal nature, and moreover, original ones. Thus, the canvas suggested by him are somewhat musical, the artist takes on the role of the DJ.

Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ, art critic and curator