Alanna Truong

Alanna Truong

Emerging Artist - Garden Enthusiast - Carpenter by Trade - Wife and Mother

I live in the Canadian Prairies with my husband and two young daughters. I work as an apprentice carpenter. I love to garden and explore ways to turn my little urban plot into an urban farm, which I blog about @ My Urban Farming Journal - .

I also sell prints of my artwork on my etsy sites:

Some of my favourite things to do are: to visit my family on the farm I grew up on, explore our city on bicycle with my daughters and husband, forget that roller blading is dorky and hit the better paved streets with my mp3 player and 80 pound dog, listen to audiobooks while playing with my girls and doing home renos, and singing the same three songs for the past 3 years while doing the dishes.

Follow me on Instagram @ veronica.alannat

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