Avril Hattingh

Avril Hattingh


Avril Hattingh is a South African artist with almost 40 years of experience with a wide variety of media including oils, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil, ceramics and sculpture. She graduated from the Johannesburg School for Ballet, Art and Music, beginning her degree in Fine Art and then switching to a Diploma in Ceramics.

She has done a wide spectrum of artistic jobs: painting giant cinema posters, illustrating hundreds of school text books for South African and international publishers and illustrating the famous Roland Ward hunting and fishing catalogues, among other projects. Avril has painted and drawn thousands of portraits and to this day figurative art is her great love. In the last few years the demand for her oil paintings has soared in South Africa and abroad. The Musician Series was a hit from day one, with hundreds of paintings sold in galleries all over the country. Her first solo exhibition was held at the North West Musikon in March 2014.

"I believe the purpose of art is to uplift the human spirit. I am so thankful for the talents God has given me and it's a privilege to be able to use them every day."

Musician Series