Avraham Cohen (b. 1968 Tel Aviv) attended university both in Holon, Israel and Brooklyn, NY for Industrial Design.  While studying for his Masters at Pratt Institute, Cohen had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in Gaetano Pesce‚Äôs studio in NY, where he gained experience working with cold casting technics and exposed to a variety of materials.

In 1998, Cohen founded his design and engineering firm Vertex Product Development Inc. in Great Neck, NY.   After years of working with clients developing new products and innovations, his passion for creating art reignited.  Cohen is combining his industrial design and manufacturing techniques with his earlier experiences of sculpting, casting and free form modeling into his artwork. 

Presently, Cohen continues to work and reside in Great Neck, NY.

More information at http://www.avraham.gallery

Modern Interpretation on the Classic