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Aviva Gittle Gifts


Hi! I'm Aviva Gittle. I write and publish children's stories in English and Spanish. I work with artists all over the world to create unique and beautiful illustrations for my stories. Then one day it hit me -- ZAP! -- people might like to hang these lovely pictures on their walls! The pictures from my Kitten and Friends series, and from my Book of Love series, are perfect for children's and nursery rooms. Of course, pet lovers will love the Kitten and Friends art. Especially the one of Kitten and his puppy friend.

A bit about me: I can't draw. But, I love writing children's stories; I've published nearly 20 books to date. (Just search Amazon.com for "Aviva Gittle.") I’ve lived in many places, but have settled into Texas, not far from my grandsons. Nothing beats being a grandma.

You and the little ones in your life will love art by Tekla Huszár of Hungary, Carlos Brito of Brazil, and Karissa Hunter from the USA. These are not mass-produced pictures from IKEA or Walmart. There won't be millions of others who have the same pictures on their walls. That's why art from Aviva Gittle Publishing will make a great gift for friends and family. Remember to treat yourself, too. You're worth it!



April, 2018
Houston, TX

Kitten and Friends

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