Curtis H. Jones - Avalon Nature Photography

Curtis H. Jones - Avalon Nature Photography

A new, collectable, Nature Photographer…

Curtis H. Jones’ unique photographic vision brings us back to our rich soothing origins; counter- styling today’s hyper-color trends in photography; offering timeless, classic, all natural images.

His images invite you to see what is not seen by our busy eyes & minds…yet, exists within. Earthly wonders, in our everyday nature - Mood-scapes.

The seed of Avalon Nature Photography began when Dr. Curtis H. Jones (Ph.D Medical Philosophy) returned home to care for his father, Mr. John D. Jones, at the end of his life.

Curtis received a request to capture and share the beauty of his daily restorative walks…Curtis spent many hours walking in nature with a camera - thousands of times, in stillness, being with the landscape around him, seeing through the camera’s eye. In the four seasons, we can experience the moods, dances, depths, and vibrancies of nature and natural life all around us — and within us.

Profound beauty. Still motion. Fresh life on earth - captured in a moment.

Curtis has developed a collection of Natural Nature Photographs in a wide range of styles
Impressionism, Macro Photography, Abstract, Natural Black and White, Water Reflections, Ice Reflections, and Misty Landscapes.

His work is All natural nature photography – with no high-tech digital photo enhancements.
Avalon Nature Photography offers Pure Natural MoodScapes to Transform your Space.

Abstract Photography


Natural Black & White

Water Reflections