Pure Custom Creations PKP

Pure Custom Creations PKP


Photoshop's blank canvas allowed me to perform magic. It gave the room to manipulate photos and explore deeper into the pictures, creating an illusion the eyes were incapable of seeing.
My first gallery The Enchantress is a series of detailed digital art ranging from subjects such as background photos of forests, wildlife, still life's, or emotion themes combined with fantasy. Enchantress natural colors of blues, greens, soft pinks and gold are a multicolored fairyland.Using real backgrounds allowed a bridge between fantasy and reality. It was my intention to provide such a complete illusion that there was nothing between the picture and child's imagination.

Second gallery is designed for a mature audience. Stronger more adult themes will be displayed,no nudity. Romance, male, female models and art for household and office displays.

The Enchantress

People, still life, food, drink