Aurumart / Blanka Stavrinos

Aurumart / Blanka Stavrinos

I have always painted since I was a toddler. At thirteen I took drawing and painting lessons at a local artist's studio. Later went to art schools, first in Prague then in London.
When it came to making a living I became a designer-maker mostly involved in couture fashion and I still work on an occasional hand-painted or beaded gown.

However, being older, I now have more time and freedom to do what I like best- painting.

I daydream my pictures onto canvases, ideas come from the edge of the subconscious and often don't make obvious sense. I encourage the viewer to be creative and to feel free to interpret my paintings using their imagination.

There is a strong influence of tropical rain forest and cloud forest in my paintings since I traveled to the Amazon region in Peru where my daughter made her home.

I was born in the Czech Republic, I have lived in England, Italy, Greece and I am currently based in England.

Thank you for looking at my art!