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Jordan Art Gallery

Artist Statement

I am self-taught along with private study from both locally and nationally known artists.

Tube watercolors are my first choice. However, I also use Doctor Ph Martins Hydrus watercolors, watercolor pencils, Higgins and Windsor Newton Inks and various alcohol based inks. I have come to love Yupo paper over general watercolor papers. The vibrancy of the watercolors and inks are phenomenal on Yupo paper. I also work in acrylics on watercolor paper and canvas and some work is multimedia with collage.

Impressionistic to abstract design forms the basis of my work. I don’t often paint the “real” but the “illusion” of the real. My subject matter is the world around me. I paint trying to capture a certain mood of a moment in time and of fragile memories in my mind’s eye.

I love color and texture. Depending on what my heart feels on a day that I’m painting, it may be flowers with intricate petals, the sea with sunset or storm or intriguing abstracts and animals. Hidden within any of these, if you look closely, you may find woodland nymphs, bears, dogs or even an Indian or two…

"Art Is The Passageway Into The Heart and Soul Of The Artist" @

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