These photographs are what I call quasi-impressionistic in style. Not that I was going for that, but my eye wants to see ordinary things in an unusual and perhaps sometimes preternatural style. These shots are great for home decor for the urbane and/or funky, as well as for offices for those with non-traditional taste such as design studios, tech firms, or even boutique shops in traditional corporate endeavours who want a unique flair.

Michael Z. Atrata is my nome de plume. I am a filmmaker and visual artist who has resigned himself to an artistic life. It is said if you can be reasonably happy doing something else, do it! Well I wasn't, lo did I try.

I'm a trained digital filmmaker and have been an amateur photographer for many years and maybe (and I'll leave the final decision to you) I'm now a "professional". In any case, I've heard nice things said about my work, at least what I've shown.

My interests are broad ranging, from the mundane to the weird and strange. I find fascination in a flower or tree, to the human figure, to dead snakes. I never know what will strike me, sometimes I take a pic, think it's not very good or interesting, and years later come across it in my files and am enthralled.

Perhaps you will be as well. Take a look-see!

My pricing is very competitive, I receive $15 per square foot of a print: example whatever your cost for a 12x12 print I will get $15, 12x24 I will get $30 and so on. The rest of the cost goes to the printer, (I also get a 5% kickback on framing, just sayin!).

If you would like a higher end print such as RC or fiber paper or even a metal print contact me directly and I will get you what you desire. My profit margin will remain the same, of course the cost of materials and print process will be higher. Again, all those costs go to the printers.

A note on prints: As my work is photography, some kind of paper print is better suited, such as the Fine Art Print here on ArtPal. It is also cheaper! But if you want that textured look then by all means print on canvas. It's all up to you!

And check back every now and then to see if there's anything new, though this gallery is being set up August 2019 the coming winter is probably best for new compositions.

Thank you!

P.S. If you are into low budget experimental films check out these, available on Prime, Vudu, and on demand with most cable providers.