Andrew T. Myers

Andrew T. Myers

Born in the United States of America, and lived there ever since. A self taught artist from a very early age, he uses an extremely wide variety of artistic mediums. Andrew most commonly uses acrylic paints, watercolors, oil, pastel, chalk pastels, pen, pencil, or a combination of various mediums. He frequently creates and use his own paints/coloring agents from raw materials to achieve a unique appearance.

He has traveled across the country several times, gaining new artistic insights and making new discoveries in nature, often transforming his visions, both real and imaginary, into art.

Andrew enjoys creating both realistic and abstract forms of art.

"Hi, I hope my art brings happiness to your life, and that it will remind you that the goodness of God can be seen in everything. I enjoy creating colorful and happy works of art, and I always strive to maintain a child's perspective in life and in art.

I rarely sell my original works, since it would be like selling one of my children, and would also prevent me from making more prints of them to share with others. However, I can make certain exceptions.

If you have any requests, or would like to reach out, here is my email:

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