Fred J.M. Michiels

Fred J.M. Michiels

Dying can wait! Because the following prevents waste.

We, The Office of Useless Art ( are pleased to introduce you to the pleasure principle. The natural tendency to nefarious gang formation and other bad behavior, a playful collection of poems and paintings about the non-value of James Bond, by guest editor / artist Wichard Ragner aka Fred Michiels.

Wichard Ragner aka Fred Michiels is a great expert in unfounded positions.
His physical characteristics are like those of James Bond, just a little less exciting.
Michiels does not have the poisonous masculinity of 007 in his position at "Her Majesty's Secret Service".
This new series of paintings and poems covers a broad spectrum of emotions, from tenderness to fear about vulnerability and supremacy, - each poem / painting (or painted poem) is blinded by ambition, with striking poetic qualities.
Another subtle unique focus of artistic obsession: sometimes funny, sometimes storytelling and somewhat instructive.
It is about ambitious leaps from genre to abstraction and back.
With the promise of having fun during the creative process shatters.
Read this new series as a small bouquet of flowers made from bureaucracy.

We are preparing an exhibition in Galerie des Collines on the border with France (private view 30-11-2019), the poems are published in book form and on audio cassette and a few of these new works will be shown in a group exhibition around Belgian painters in Flemish cultural centers. For the exact dates and locations, please consult the social media.

OoUA and Fred Michiels

Fred Michiels is represented by the Antwerp based gallery Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)

Selfportraits as ZOO ANIMALS


Her Majesty's Secret Service