Art by Anja Stemmer

Art by Anja Stemmer

My work is inspired by nature and elementary forces - I love stormy autumn days at the lake and fire, volcanoes and glowing metal. So I associate with my paintings frequently themes from nature, the seasons, wind and water, sometimes also impressions from travelling or even from the scientific discipline of physics.
Usually I work in a process-oriented way and focus on surface, texture and abstract-expressionist color compositions.
Natural and traditional ways of making and using paint (e.g. al fresco painting, grisaille etc.), and rugged or crackled surface structures and textures of the environment and nature inspire me.

My artwork conveys a subtle sense of mystery and discovery of what may have been hidden behind the surface. My work is supposed to invite the viewer to let their eyes wander across the painting's layers and discern the differences in color, contrasts in finish, and the variation of structures, sometimes with intentional ( and stable - I am a physicist ;-) ) cracks, fissures and rugged textures (e.g. from plaster, concrete or rust).

I have been born at the lake of Constance and am living and working in Munich, Germany.


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