Anne-Sophie Sandorff

Anne-Sophie Sandorff

ABOUT Anne-Sophie Sandorff

Anne-Sophie Sandorff, born 1989, is a native of Lübeck , Germany. Her
interest in art began in early childhood. She started to paint just soon enough as she could hold a pen with her own hands.

At the age of 19, having finished second level education, and without
attending a Faculty of Art, she moved from Germany to Japan. There
she started to work as Character-Designer and Computer
Graphics Designer in the Japanese Game Company Town Factory.

In 2014, Anne-Sophie joined Cyberconnect2, one of the biggest game companies in the Japanese and worldwide game industry , working as the Artist inter Alia on the Naruto Ultimate Storm Season based on the named Japanese comic series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto .

In 2016 she started out as a professional painter, specializing in majestic and greatly imposing
characters and symbolic images. Her work is aimed at not only the
Japanese market but also the international market.
She is currently working on her own book, to give the viewer a deeper insight and understanding of the Story behind the Painting ,,The Fireprince and the thousand Firebirds ,,( ,,Der Feuerprinz und die tausend Feuervögel ,,)
Anne- Sophie Sandorff is well known for her generously sized, colorful
and highly detailed paintings of fantasy characters and creatures.
Her subject style gives an other-worldly appearance.
Due to the intricate detail, her paintings take a long time to execute.

Her art influences are heavily influenced by Japanese Artists as Yoshitaka Amano and Utagawa Kuniyoshi ,but she also looks to modern Western Art and Artists as Gustav Klimt or Beksinky.

Artist Statement
The symbiosis of colors and the playing of light is vitally important in
my philosophy. It’s my dream to capture the highest beauty possible in
my paintings. Like viewing something as simple as a leaf, under a
microscope, true beauty is seen to be very detailed and planned.
It is with this kind of intricacy that I want to paint.

Der Feuerprinz