My name is Michelle Siddiq Perez. I am half Palestinian, half Puerto Rican. My mother is Catholic and my father is Muslim. I am a practicing Muslim. My family and I both celebrate Christmas on my mother's side and Ramadan on my father's side. I was born with cerebral palsy. These are not photographs. They are Digital Paintings. I draw each pixel with the Mechanical HB Pencil. Each one takes between 30 to 60 hours to draw. My goal is to sell my Paintings. If you can help me accomplish my goal by buying one in a frame, I would be very grateful. Shipping is fast and easy.

98% of the people in my paintings tagged usernames on their Instagram that have this website on them. All of them are named "ASN." Some include @algore @joebiden @barackobama @hillaryclinton @elizabethwarren @kingjames @deepakchopra @thisisbillgates, @berniesanders @ocasio @michaelstrahan @shaq @magicjohnson @beyonce @jlo @janetjackson @eminem and almost everyone I paint. I enjoy doing this because it makes me happy. When people say their names, I feel euphoria. It is a beautiful, powerful feeling I feel every time someone says their name. I feel a special connection to all of them and all of my subjects. I feel like they are a part of my family.

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Watercolor Paintings